Soul Sync Meditation

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Whatever your reason for coming to meditation now is the time to start, not tomorrow, but TODAY.

You will only ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner!

Soul Sync Meditation

How does it work?

Soul Sync Meditation

The Soul Sync is a meditation devised by O&O Academy in India.

We use their Soul Sync Meditation because it is a powerful manifesting tool. It helps to support people with their vision for the future. Once you know what you want to achieve, creating that vision is just a step away.

AND It is just 15 minutes of your time

We all struggle to concentrate when we first start meditating, our mind wanders and we end up thinking all about the past or future. But there is a great benefit in being able to know that this happens, and over time you become the observer of your thoughts. Which allows for your thoughts to not be in control of you. And gradually you realise that your thoughts then can fade gently away for moments at a time, creating peace and calm.

The joy of a guided meditation is that if your mind wanders, the words can bring your focus back to the present moment.

Being in a group can create a more enhanced experience, making it easier to connect within. There are several people who have been using this meditation for a while and who are all very welcoming.

When you sign up you will need to join the first WhatsApp group and the link to the zoom class will be sent in the group along with the times for that week.

We have two WhatsApp groups;

The meditation is done daily, first thing in the morning. This varies but generally between 8am and 9am. There are on occasion some early evening sessions. Please do let me know if there are certain times you would like as I am very flexible with timings. I also offer one off sessions for people in need so again please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

The benefits of daily Soul Sync meditation

The main benefit of doing this online and within a community is that the feeling and power of the intention is increased.
Some days you can come away feeling so uplifted just by being in the group.


WOW - thank you Amanda  feeling so connected and blessed after tonight’s soul sync  namaste 

Can I just say I have been doing Amanda’s soul meditation and asked for my flat to sell quickly  and for the price I wanted and today it did! Wow to manifestation xxx

Beautiful Amanda - really powerful and calming - namaste everyone x

I endeavour to attend the soul sync morning and evening. I am enabled to do things I have never been brave enough to do before. I cannot recommend it enough. So simple, so incredibly effective.

I try to join every day but it’s not always possible. I have found a beautiful calmness to my days now; if I miss a few days this starts to dissipate.

I’ve only just joined this group, but I do try and meditate everyday and it really does balance your mind and stay in the present moment

I’m not able to come everyday but I find it really calming and it makes me feel connected to something and less alone. Really grateful to you Amanda x

Thank you Amanda, very powerful - namaste 🙏

How to connect with us

We ask for a small fee of £24.99 to help with administration costs.
Once you have paid you will be emailed the link to the WhatsApp group for you to join.