Coral Gonzalez Taylor

What do I do?

Coral is an Essential Oil Practitioner working with Therapeutic Grade A essential oils. She has always been passionate about natural living and understands the importance of avoiding, where possible, anything synthetic on and in the body. Essential oils are powerful plant material that helps with every system of the body, from Hormonal to Digestive and Bones and Muscles as well as having a powerful effect on the psyche.  She also works with Organic CBD and offers a range of herbs that work in detoxifying the body, supporting the immune, helps the liver to regenerate, aids the digestive system as well as eliminating free radicals from the body. 


Having had treatments from Coral, I was impressed by her vast knowledge base and how passionate she is about assisting others in becoming healthy. Very professional and caring. I was left feeling more relaxed than I have been in a very long time. I highly recommend taking a treatment with Coral. Grace Miller

Coral introduced me to the raindrop technique and did the treatment. I really enjoyed it. It helped me with my headache. Also, she recommended other oils to reduce muscle pain when I was suffering from back problems. I was amazed by how effective they were.
I would recommend Coral without a doubt as she cares a lot of knowledge about all-natural products, treatments moreover she is a very kind, attentive person and loves her work. Gerda Va

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