Ezz Ashry

What do I do?

Hi, my name is Ezz, I am an ex gymnast, and coach (senior club coach in BAGA), as a result I have been in sports all my life and became a sports therapist dealing with soft tissue injuries.

I have a sports science degree back home, graduated as a sports therapist in the UK in 1999.

I’ve been working with athletes, celebrities and people from all walks of life and every day I have learned so much from each client I have met along the way.

In my search for knowledge, I started a degree in Chinese Medicine, which has altered my approach to injuries and the healing process, particularly as it helped me to recover from a car accident I was involved in.  I could have spent the rest of my life in a wheelchair, but through a lot of hard work and the support of my friends and family, I am where I am today, helping others to recover as I have.  My priority is the safety of my clients, and as an ex-gymnast I like challenges and I love to win.  With this in mind I use all these skills to help my clients return back to full fitness, my goal is always aimed at total recovery.

I find that healing comes from within, we as therapists are here to help facilitate, encourage to help you and your body heal itself.

It’s important to educate you, on your injury anatomically, by explaining which muscles are involved, which muscle actions, what should and should not be done, to imprint a suitable strategy in the brain to help avoid fall back.

In order to fully recover from my injury I have found that I always need to continue to be mentally strong, being aware of how I use my body, maintaining strength, stability and mobility so that I am not re-injured.

Finally it is all about balance, in every aspect of life, and also our body has to have balance, right and left, anterior and posterior, upper and lower body….ultimately it’s all about balance.

How do they work?