Julie Clements

What do I do?

With over 15 years experience in empowerment coaching and personal change therapy, Julie has worked with many different people in many different settings helping them achieve growth, change and personal transformation and go on to achieve all that they want to achieve in all aspects of their life. 


Julie is a personal development coach.

At the heart of Julie’s approach is the work she does to help people create a deeper connection to their sense of self and self identity and she works with them to positively change how they experience themselves as a unique and individual person. Julie says, “When we can change the relationship that we have with ourselves to a positive one and we can hold a genuine positive and empowered sense of self identity, the possibilities and potential we hold for ourselves can change profoundly. Everything we could wish for ourselves then becomes more possible”

Julie is happy to work with groups or on a 1 to 1 basis and looks forward to assisting you in your journey towards growth, change, positivity and healing.

How do they work?

  • Online
  • In Person - Essex