Maxine Dye

What do I do?

Maxine has over 20 years of experience with complementary therapy, and works with animals too. She has qualified in Touch For Health, using kinesiology and a wide range of tools to come to understand what your body needs to return to health. Gentle and profound work.


Maxine uses Touch for Health (kinesiology) to help you address any area of your life where you feel ‘stuck’ or that you’d like to ‘make better’. Kinesiology (biofeedback) is used to determine why this is, and what is needed to bring you back into balance.

Touch for Health is energy medicine and draws on Eastern and Western approaches to health and well-being.
As a Touch for Health therapist, the areas she helps clients with are:
  • Changing attitudes towards situations and achieving goals;
  • Improving general energy and managing stress (in relation to past, present and future events);
  • Helping self-healing and improving general health (including recovery from injury);
  • Enhancing learning, work and sports performance.
It is based on a model of self-responsibility: we believe that YOU know what YOUR body needs in order to achieve your best life possible/a specific goal. A Touch for Health session is a collaboration between client and therapist to actively work together to establish what it is you want to achieve out of the session, then utilises muscle-response testing (biofeedback) to determine which system(s) needs balancing (physical, emotional chemical and/or nutritional) in relation to this. We have many interventions available to help restore balance in relation to achieving your goal. We may also teach you self-help techniques to use at home to help yourself. Again, this is all determined by muscle-response testing. Indeed, even the number of sessions needed to address a specific goal is determined by muscle-response testing!