Any treatment is started with a consultation period, how long this takes is entirely up to you.  Your health is important to us. We recommend an hour and a half full body treatment to enable any deeper work to fully take effect and to allow for all areas of the body to be addressed.

Combined Therapy
Why not relax with a wonderful reduced reflexology treatment followed by a full body therapeutic massage ending with an energy balancing Reiki?   A 90 minute treatment to completely let go of any stresses or strains in your life.

Swedish Massage
A relaxing therapeutic massage, Swedish Massage is a set of strokes aimed to create total body relaxation.
We are able to work through your body listening to the muscles, feeling the strengths and weaknesses in any structures and listening to you as to how you want to feel. Your body will tell us how it wants to be treated, whether you need firmer or lighter pressure or what rhythm you will respond best to.

Working on the feet or hands, working reflex points which address the whole body.   The treatment is very relaxing and normally lasts for 45 minutes.   It is a great balancer for the hormones, helps restore life to tired feet, can help during pregnancy and for a myriad of symptoms.

Hydrotherm Massage
Hydrotherm massage is massage where you lie on cushions of warm water. This provides a uniquely luxurious and unsurpassed massage experience for yourself. It allows you to remain lying on your back throughout the session without having to move, this is helpful if you are currently in pain, or find it difficult to lie on your front. The warm water gradually relaxes your muscles which enables the massage to relax you even further.

Pregnancy Hydrotherm Massage
Massage during pregnancy is a joy to give and receive, there are so many changes that happen during pregnancy it truly is the miracle of life. Some of the benefits are reducing blood pressure, decreasing stress and releasing muscle tension. It also contains that special bond where baby responds to the touch, a really beautiful experience.

The Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique is a fascinating treatment, it is a simple, yet highly specific, hands-on procedure which has been widely practised in Australia since its development in the 1950`s by Tom Bowen, an industrial engineer. Bowen Technique procedures were initially directed at acute musculoskeletal complaints such as work- and sports-related injuries. It soon became apparent, however, that these procedures had a demonstrable effect on many chronic medical problems, which include a litany of environmental medical syndromes.

Myofascial Release Technique
Fascia is a thin but strong tissue that wraps around every muscle in your body and the structures inside the muscles. It also surrounds other structures in your body, including organs, nerves and blood vessels. Fascia forms a body-wide network of connective tissue that’s essential for proper function. Like muscle tissue, fascial tissue can become injured, inflamed and painful. The fascia can form adhesions, which are places where it’s bunched up and stuck together, causing the fascia to pull on other structures, create pain and impair function. Similar to the Bowen Technique but more of a hands on therapy which is deeply relaxing.

Facial Shiatsu
20 minutes of facial shiatsu gives a quick fix to aid with relaxation,
this is a very relaxing therapy which is finger pressure on your face, it enables a deep relaxation in a shorter space of time, ideal for those with busy lives.

Reiki is just simply rebalancing of your energies, each time is a different experience.  Letting go of emotions and relaxing.

Angelic Reiki
A really beautiful experience where the angels decide where and what to offer and provide.  You get taken to a calm space to clear the mind and body and just unwind.