qEmotional Support For Your Mental and Physical Health

Emotional Support

Sitting with your feelings can be exhausting, tough and draining.

We can experience fear, denial and avoidance when trying to access heavy emotions.

Amanda offers a safe, calm and centred space to listen and not judge.   To be free to feel and express and to be guided to understand and be emotionally supported.

Amanda is highly intuitive, coming from a medical family background and having worked within various hospitals, she has insight into illness, injury and dis-ease.

After experiencing the pain, fear, frustration, sadness and more from a chronic condition she knew only too well how this dragged her down and held her back.

The Art of Healing - Emotional Support
The Art of Healing - Emotional Support

She sat and listened, then avoided, then walked away and got stuck, then came back and pushed some more and kept on going away and hiding in suffering only to return back and work on herself all over again.   It took time, over a prolonged period of lapse and relapse, but with support she continued to find a way.  She has gone from having to live with her mother in her 40’s feeling unwell, weak and tired all the time unable to work fully or some days even leave the house, to running her own business collaborating with others, creating her new space and starting a new and loving relationship with herself and her new partner.

Now through her journey she has insights and guidance to help support you. She recommends a course of sessions, taken at your own time and at your own pace.

There is no time limit to redeem your course, you decide the pace.  Some people work weekly, they are clear in their intentions and want to push through to achieve quick results, but most others take their time coming to an understanding of who they are, what they wish to achieve and how they would like to continue.  There is no right or wrong.

All you need is a desire to change and a willingness to explore your internal world.

And when you decide to take the plunge Amanda will be there with open arms to help guide you through.

3 Ways To Support Your Emotional Health

We can often take our mental, physical and emotional health for granted until we are stuck and in need of support.  Help yourself to discover new ways of connecting to your feelings, coming to a deeper understanding of who you really are, and loving what is.

1) Take some time to sit down in the quiet and listen, what am I feeling right now?  You don’t need to ask yourself any questions as to why you are feeling the way you are, it simply is what it is.  Maybe you think you aren’t an angry person, so why does it feel like I am angry?  Because purely and simply, anger is a valid and acceptable emotion, from anger we can be driven towards action.   Just sit, listen and don’t judge yourself.

2) Make each day a gratitude day.  What are you grateful for?  Maybe the wind for the oxygen, or maybe your heart for pumping blood around your body?  Write a list – start with 3 things each day.

3) Meditate daily – come and join the daily soul sync meditation group online, 15-20 mins every morning to manifest your best outcome for your life.


I am completely amazed at the results... The positive change in me has been fantastic and I am lucky enough to be on this journey to a brighter, lighter me. Amanda just seems to know what to do and how to work her magic...

Amanda and Gordon are amazing people with the most beautiful energy and kind heart. Their positivity is contagious! They know exactly how to help with the deepest and darkest emotions and bring them into the light. I'm so grateful I have them in my life

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