qAbout - Art of Healing - Therapists


Our Values

Community, Compassion and Strength

We strive to work for the community, locally in person, globally online.

We have compassion for all we meet – all we work for and all we collaborate with.

We strive to become stronger and more unified as a supportive structure for all.

As a business our values are important to us and we collaborate to support these core values:

  • We respect others and their views and opinions, no matter how different they may be to our own.
  • We celebrate our uniqueness, our strengths, our combined knowledge
  • We aim to have humour and balance in all that we do, being grounded and light hearted.
  • We are committed to giving the best service we can to support and care for others.
  • We know we as individuals are not ALL for anyone,  we welcome a collaborative approach to receiving help.
  • We know that we can not heal anyone, we are merely conduits to help people to move forward in their journey through life at their pace.
  • The best place we work from is our heart – with warmth, kindness and love

Our History

The ART of Healing was created by Amanda Riley in 2018, after having decided to expand from her business Amanda Riley Therapies.   When reflecting on a new name for a collaborative team she wanted to retain the identity from her development and discovered that Amanda Riley Therapies cleverly spelt ART and from here the ART of Healing was born.   On 26th February 2012, she decided to attend a course “Creating an Abundance in Life” which was hosted by Gordon and Maria Jessiman in their hotel in Wimbledon, now Back in 2016, however, she received a psychic reading from Tina Axtmann who explained that she would leave a legacy behind and that she would touch and meet a number of people in her life affecting them hugely, which surprised both of them at the time as Amanda was suffering with chronic gut health issues!

In 2018, after a fabulous conversation with Tom Evans, author, meditation guide and composer. She explained about a vision she had of creating a therapy centre built on therapy, he supported and was energised by this vision which buoyed her on towards creating steps towards it.  She wanted to enable not only the clients to receive therapy but the therapists to be supported and uplifted too.   Around the same time Amanda went on to meet Laurence Udell, who generously gave his time to support this project and find a way to help build and grow it.   She was astounded that one simple introduction, a collaboration, created a new friendship created a book between Tom and Laurence – The Big U this collaborating felt great and she wanted more.

At the end of 2020, this vision started to come to light as Amanda started to contact all those amazingly talented individuals who supported her in her journey, so she could collaborate together and in 2021 we started our first online course to help support people with chronic gut health problems.  As we build and grow we work with clients on a one to one basis and also within groups to support and reach as many people as we can.