Gordon Jessiman

What do I do?

Helps you to come to understand your feelings to allow yourself to feel freer, lighter and more at peace. Gentle yet profound work.


Sitting with and listening to your emotions, allowing for a greater acceptance of self to create and allow for shifts in your outer world.

Deeply profound work, that connects you back into your being, you come away feeling greater awareness and uplifted with humour.

Lighter and ready to understand your world from another perspective.

During these Covid times, he has been doing his work increasingly over the phone or zoom.


GT – I have experienced years of different types of therapy. Most of them, I said what was required, to satisfy their ego.

Gordon immediately cut through to the truth. Immediately. No faffing, no “tell me about your childhood”.. he was immediate and direct. He even knew when I needed him at a very challenging time in my life. He sees through words and sees the truth. So you get down to your energy, your true feelings and the answer straight away.

Being with Gordon is an absolute tonic to the soul. He is gentle, kind, but always challenging. I cannot define exactly what he does, but I always leave his sessions having had a major breakthrough and a beautiful journey. His sessions are always focused and immensely positive. I always am left with work to do, a better understanding and a big smile.

Gordon has enabled me to leave an abusive marriage after 20 years, and to not be afraid of my next steps. To trust my instincts, to be true to myself and to not judge myself or others.   I can not recommend Gordon enough. I only wish he had come into my life years ago.

AR – I met Gordon several years ago when I started my journey of self exploration, having been in suffering since the death of my father, loss of stability on the work front and lack of abundance in my love life, I became very unwell with Ulcerative Colitis.   Always having an innate “knowing” that disease was dis-ease within my body I wanted to understand my gut health emotions in order to heal.   Gordon worked with me for years, mainly trying to uncover my stubbornness!!  With a lot of gentle humour and compassion he came to support me in ways that helped me to choose the right path for me.  Eventually, after many years I finally found a solution to the pain and suffering.  Gordon gently allowed me to come to my awareness in my own time.   I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me.

How do they work?

  • Online
  • In Person - Wimbledon