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Bronze Package

Buy today for £197

With the Bronze Package you can have access to the whole course on Facebook for a year.

Silver Package

Buy today for £420

With the Silver package, you have 6 weekly 45-60 min one to one zoom calls plus access to the whole course on Facebook for a year.

Coral Gonzalez-Taylor – Aromatherapist
Coral can show you how essential oils can help with emotional well-being as well as support the digestive system. Essential oils are powerful plant material that work with every system of our body.

Mueller – Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Naturopath and Ayurvedic Massage

can help with analysing your gut health via studying your iris, together with a
holistic toolbox of Herbal remedies,  Ayurvedic and Naturopathic lifestyle
advice, tailored for your unique needs. 


Ezz Alashry
Sports therapist and coach, Ezz can help you move forward from a wide range of injuries.

Carly Blackwood – Hypnotherapist
Relaxation and reprograming to help you overcome a wide range of phobias, fears and create new paths for success.

Gina Marjoram – ART Teacher
Can take you on a journey of discovery of your talents or a journey of discovering your inner feelings through mark making.

Maxine Dye – Touch for Health (Kinesiology)
Maxine can help you to discover the root cause of your illness and find tools to help move you forward.

Gold Package

Buy today for £480

A fully integrated care package, with zoom recorded calls, integrated care between therapists to help you move forward free from pain, suffering and help you to take steps on your journey towards better health. An initial consultation with Amanda to run through all your requirements and a support package is designed to help you move forwards plus access to the whole course on Facebook for a year

The full team are included within this package also including:

Amanda Riley
Creator of Heal Your Gut, fellow gut health sufferer and complementary therapist she offers emotional support and emotional release and can integrate this care package for your needs.

Angela Prange – Macrobiotic Chef
She can provide one to one cookery lessons and support in your journey towards healthier eating

Kenneth Prange – Naturopath and Nutritionist
Dealing in the energetics of food – he offers consultations, macrobiotic training and life coaching. He has studied regressional hypnosis, iridology, the healing arts, chinese medicine and silver mind control.

Andy Dean –  Integrative Counsellor
Trained Journey Practitioner, a Psychology of Vision Steps to Leadership graduate and leader at https://www.penninghame.org/

Julie Clements – Personal Development Coach
For 16 years now and my work centres itself around helping people become the greatest version of themselves for themselves, so they can progress forward and can achieve all that they want to achieve.

Tina Axtmann – Psychic Medium
who offers readings and also psychic mentoring sessions.