Angela Agrati-Prange

What do I do?

With 40 years of experience Angela is a “Gourmet Vegan Chef” and senior educator in “Healthy Cuisine”. During the last 30 years she has shared and enriched her knowledge with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free restaurants, at health spas and alternative medicine centres and as a private chef for international celebrities. She has encouraged and taught many students to become successful chefs. She is the author of her book “Cooking with Angela” now printed in Russian and English language. In the introduction to the book Verne Varona writes: “Her work and passion speaks for itself. Make the recipes, open your mouth and allow her long acquired talents to enchant your senses and enrich your health… hold an inspiring treasury of know-how from her kitchen wisdom: worth committing to memory and sharing.” Angela continues to teach and inspire people all over the world further enhancing her own culinary wisdom. She is currently working on her second book in collaboration with her husband Kenneth a certified Naturopath and Nutritionist.


I have a lot of experience as a vegetarian-macrobiotic Chef having learned the best techniques about foods and their processing. I also have the ability to organise and manage catering events and school campus. My extensive knowledge, gained through experience of food groups, ingredients and seasonal cooking enables me to ably educate students through active demonstrations and discussions.

My work includes giving online cooking class both for the private person and groups. The menu will be discussed prior to the event according to your needs or demand of the participants, recipes will be given also. My fee is £120 per class for a 90minute duration.

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