Anusha Pillay

What do I do?

Anusha has 12 years of experience facilitating the healing of physical and emotional traumas, mental fitness and overall wellbeing. She is able to draw on a vast array of tools from massage to energy therapies that address issues at their core – on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She also does Transformational Life Coaching which draws on her in depth experience of 16 years in the corporate sector in various management roles and her current in-depth work on the human condition. This is where she helps client’s live into their potential, find and trust in their innate guidance. 

I help people to shine a light on their unique genius that dwells within and activate it in service of themselves and others. In order to get to that place, various limiting beliefs and values created by environmental conditioning, traumas, turning point decisions and misunderstandings of what life is, need to be dissolved so that the Truth of the Self emerges and becomes empowered. Only once this is accomplished, can one truly begin to live into their full potential. 

Anusha transitioned from 16 years in the corporate space working in varied analyst and management roles in the Financial services sector to becoming an experienced Transformational Life Coach and Body, Mind & Spirit Integrative Therapist. Her quest to heal herself of various structural issues, burn out and chronic auto-immune symptoms led her on a journey to discover, research, understand and apply therapies that addressed her healing of the human condition. A collapse of her health was a signal to her that she was off track on her life’s purpose. As soon as she found her genius and started living up to her potential she began to heal on all levels of her Being. 


Anusha works in the capacities of a Transformational Life coach and a Body, Mind, Spirit Integrative Therapist. She is able to create packages or treat separately for wellbeing to occur. She runs bespoke workshops, conducts Mental Fitness programmes and can create bespoke programmes on request. All her Body, Mind, and Energy therapies aim to regulate the nervous system so that relaxation and wellbeing can be attained in order for healing to occur. She had an awakening experience in 2013 that took her deeper into the understanding of the human being / human condition on a spiritual level. The experience taught her many things about herself in relation to the world and how-to live-in balance and harmony within oneself and in relation to the environment one lives in.  Her client’s journey can start anywhere – usually with what is showing up for them in the moment. She collaborates with her client to build trust and rapport and then navigates her client through a journey of self-discovery. Her client is always discovering and learning about themselves through their body, their thinking and emotions. Once these levels are integrated well, it sets a stable foundation to tap into the spiritual dimensions of themselves where they access their intuition and TRUST it to guide them.

Body Therapies:

Therapeutic Massage:

Anusha uses an integrative approach that combines Myofascial Release, Scar Work, Bowen Therapy and Body Realignment to help release restrictions in the body and facilitate the healing of the body.


By sitting at the feet of her clients and sometimes listening to their stories, Anusha can intuitively pick up on the emotional and energetic imbalances that are showing upon in her client’s feet. She uses reflexology techniques to facilitate bringing the client’s body back into balance and harmony so that healing can take place.

Mental & Emotional Work:

Anusha uses a series of techniques listed below to free the nervous system from mental and emotional blockages created through various experiences in the life of the client.

Once the nervous system is regulated, the chances of healing disease, trauma and distress in the body are higher.

  • ​ ​Shadow work
  • ​ ​Soma release
  • ​ ​Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping)
  • ​ ​Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Spiritual Work:

Anusha uses Evolutionary Astrology to tap into the Souls evolutionary journey in this lifetime. The tool is also used amongst other tools to identify the Souls unique purpose and potential. She uses Reiki – a channelling of Reiki energy frequency – to facilitate the identification and release of energy blockages in the client.


Transformational Life Coaching Programmes​ are 3, 6 or 12 month packages.

Anusha meets with a prospective client for a free two-hour discovery call where you both get to establish rapport by having an open and honest conversation about your life and what you would like to achieve. At the same time, you learn how Anusha works with her clients. If you’re fit for each other, coaching will go ahead.

Mental Fitness Programme – Positive Intelligence:

Mental Fitness is one’s ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset without causing damage to one’s wellbeing.

The programme includes the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural psychology and performance science. It also uses factor analysis which breaks the programme down to three ‘core muscles’ that determine successful results for permanent change in our behaviour.

At the end of the programme clients are able to:

  • ​ ​Have more awareness of their stress triggers
  • ​ ​manage stress levels in a simple way – no need to remember coping mechanisms or strategies,
  • ​ ​understand the motivations for their behaviour,
  • ​ ​have healthy relationships
  • ​ ​improve performance
  • ​ ​have peace of mind and wellbeing

This is an intensive App driven programme that runs the course of 6 weeks and includes weekly coaching from Anusha.

All interested parties would have to attend a free 1.5 hour presentation which includes question time. The presentation is highly recommended as it raises awareness and grows consciousness – without one having to do the programme. It is Anusha’s gift to you.

This is not a programme for those who are not prepared to fully commit 3% of their time over six weeks (15 minutes/day – broken into five challenges of 2-3 minutes each).


My sessions with Anusha were game changing. At a point in my life where nothing seemed to make sense, she helped me navigate a path that put me back in control and brought me back to a state of contentment.


Michelle Martin, Surrey UK


Working with Anusha in a safe and loving space enabled me to identify and release emotional blocks that freed me to heal myself and my relationships. Her deep knowledge of human nature and behaviours gave me clarity. I am now able to truly feel my emotions. I can lead my best life in joy and peace.

Maggie Knivette, Surrey UK


Anusha is one of the most grounded, insightful and selfless people I know, and she helped me enormously through a very difficult period in my life. She helped me to look at the world, and my relationship with it, in a different way. My sessions with her started with reflexology but quickly developed into much more. Her gentle persistence and intuitive sense of what I needed to heal myself, along with her use of EFT helped me on a path to dealing with some deep-seated emotional issues. She gradually helped me to rekindle a sense of joy that I thought I had lost. I will always be grateful.

Jenny Gooding, Surrey UK


I met Anusha 6 years ago during chemotherapy. Her various treatments have helped me emotionally and physically. I have continued to see her regularly. She has helped my positivity and her techniques helped to deal with different situations. I have been able to re-evaluate life and realize what is important.

Kerry Olrog, Surrey UK


Spending time with Anusha reading my birth chart made everything feel clear and fall into place. It also gave me direction to have the confidence to pounce on my next endeavours.

Holly Mires, Surrey UK

How do they work?

  • Online
  • In Person - Surrey (please inquire for venues on specific days)