Ruth Clarke

What do I do?

From Paramedic to Holistic Massage Therapist I bring an array of personal experiences and professional expertise for a unique approach to massage therapy.

I take pride in providing bespoke professional integrated massage experiences online and in person to help you feel happier and calmer. Through a variety of techniques, ​I aim to transform your state of mind & body, I want you to feel good in your own mind and body, we only have one place to live so I encourage you to take care of yourself.


Hands On in Person

As a mobile therapist I want to ensure your experience with me is convenient so I come to you with my comfortable massage couch. I offer experiences which include a 90-minute hands on massage treatment after I have guided you with a variety of simple modalities such as breath work, stretches, body scan and mindset.

Online Virtually

Join me online for ‘Self Care’ session which encourage you to take time out for you, using a variety of modalities I aim to calm the nervous system and give clarity, ultimately to help you feel much happier within your body and mind. I incorporate techniques like a self-massage sequence, stretches, tense & release exercises to let go of tension, energy exercises to invigorate and guided mediation.

If you would like to develop a simple and effective daily ‘facial self-care routine’ I provide classes to guide you, all you require is your facial oil and smile. I include simple mindset for love and self-compassion as well as a neck and shoulder stretches to release tension.


“I used to have a regular facial but haven’t been able to continue because of the pandemic so for me the best thing about the facial self-care workshop was doing the massage and lymphatic drainage and learning a good daily routine.  It was also beneficial in achieving improved relaxation and learn to be more aware of yourself.”  Judith

“Ruth’s massage experiences really are a bespoke service tailored to your personal needs! The thing with Ruth is that you get a real sense that she is genuinely interested in your health and well-being, mind & body and this I find is so important to make the whole experience an all-round treatment. I love the combination of breath work, stretches and a body scan in preparation for the 90-minute massage therapy” Lynn

“There is nothing more important than making time for yourself, but it’s also one of the easiest things to ignore when life gets overwhelming.  The gentle nudge from Ruth to take some time for me, and join her online session was very welcomed and just what I needed.  Her approach to the session was both reassuring and encouraging, and I feel like I’ve been on Cloud 9 ever since.  My mind is clearer, I feel more focused and I’ve slept like a baby since!  I highly recommend you all find pause to focus on ‘you’ and join Ruth online to realise the benefits for yourself.” Clare

How do they work?

  • Online
  • In Person - Surrey and London